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A 2-Week Publishing Hiatus to Make Our Blog Better (We Need Your Help!)

I’ve got to fess up about something…

Sometimes, on a particularly bad week, I get an unsettling feeling at work. A feeling that I’m on a hamster wheel. Clock in, attend meetings, write, edit, format, give feedback, clock out, rinse, repeat.

Same sh*t different day. Image source.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. But it requires a lot of doing the same tasks day in and day out. Maybe you’ve felt the same?

Sometimes that’s okay — if you’re making time for optimization too

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Not when you’re driving results and you feel like your work is making a difference and helping you hit your targets.

But it does become a negative thing when you can’t step back and look at the bigger picture.

Are you caught in the weeds or are you working on little things that could have a huge impact? Are you doing everything you can to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the content you work so hard to create?

Stepping off the hamster wheel

At Unbounce’s recent Call to Action Conference, more than one of our speakers reported that they had experimented with ceasing to publish on their blog so they could focus on optimization and strategy (shout out to Hana Abaza of Uberflip and Anum Hussain of HubSpot).

Hana Abaza at CTA Conf, sharing the details of Uberflip’s no-publishing experiment. Image source.

And that got the blog team thinking… what if we stepped off the hamster wheel for a minute? Would we discover ways to work smarter, not harder? Would we find opportunities for optimization that are invisible to us when we’re running full speed ahead?

We’re hoping that the answer is yes — so for the next two weeks, we’re going to take a step back and stop publishing on the blog.

Instead of pumping out more content, we’ll be running different experiments to help us leverage our existing content and optimize everything we do in our day-to-day.

(We promise it’ll be worth the wait — we plan on sharing all our findings and results with you. If you suffer from content withdrawal, please check out some of the stuff on our resources page.)

We need your help

Part of optimizing the blog is gaining a better understanding of what you want more of, dear reader. What kind of content do you need in order to be a better marketer?

So we’ve put together a super quick, 9-question, 3-minute survey.

Can we trouble you to fill it out so we can do better at providing you with relevant, fresh content?

Editor’s note: It seems that the survey software that we’re using is down right now. If the link below doesn’t work for you, please try this one instead.

Thanks a mil’.

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